Have you had “the thing” floating around the back of your head for years…a dream of creating something new or different? Maybe it’s starting that business, writing that cookbook, creating that online course.
You know you’ve got something new in you. You’ve got something to say. You are just ITCHING to make something happen.

Wouldn’t it be fun to…?
If I could quit my job right now, I’d…
Someone really should make…

The thought pops up every now and then and you feel that wave of curiosity then a deep longing that comes from some important place in your gut. It kind of scares you a little because it feels right and true. It starts to nag you and then grows bigger and bigger in your awareness.

Could you be the person to make this happen?

Are you capable of stepping outside the mainstream expectations of what a person should do or be and of stepping into something that feels right and good for you?

Are you tired of ignoring that little voice whispering to you “what if”?

I’m wondering…

What are you waiting for?
What if NOW was the time?
What if NOW was the time to take inspired action forward? You won’t know anything until you’ve made some moves towards the thing you want. Thinking about it will get you nowhere.

I can help you with that. I’m about to tell you about a new program that will help you make this shit happen. A program that will finally give you the time and the space and the compassion and the support to do the damn thing.

I am a MASTER at creating things from nothing—taking an idea and springing into action immediately. From creating an online conference of 10,000 attendees with 50 speakers in 2 weeks in 2020 to creating and launching an entire curriculum in a matter of months, I know how to take risks. I know how to take big action.

And I know how to make shit happen.

Take this new program I’m about to tell you about. I literally developed the idea on a four-hour road trip TODAY, and here I am at my destination in Murfreesboro, Arkansas in a trio of cabins with 23 people, half of them kids, releasing it out into the world.

At midnight. Not tomorrow. Not next week. NOW.

You don’t learn anything from just thinking about the thing. There’s time to stew in the “bug soup” formulating your idea, but if you want to get what you want, you’ve got to take action. Then and only then will you know if it works. Then and only then will you learn how to deal with the emotions it brings up—the fear, the imposter syndrome, the vulnerability, the rawness of exposure, the uncertainty.

I can help you with that too. I’m a master at dealing with the emotions that come with big moves. With my lifelong obsession with self development, my coaching certification yes, but also with my pure lived experience. I’ve done it. And I’ve done it again and again. I’m doing it now. And I am going to do it again.

I’m launching a brand new program from a cabin in Arkansas because I believe in my expertise to help you do the damn thing. And I believe in you too.

I’m starting an intimate small group of people taking bold action towards what they want. We’ll all work in community to support each other in our bold moves, and I’ll be there, coaching you through it.

Are you interested? Here are the details!

Do the Damn Thing, Creative Action Incubator

A 6-month program dedicated to helping you run towards the thing you want with energetic yet compassionate abandon.

June 12, 2023 – December 8, 2023

Small, intimate group – max 12 people
2 group coaching calls/mastermind calls per month
1 one-on-one coaching call per month with Cindy
Ongoing Voxer (voice/text chat app) community to share your progress and get ideas

$5,000 for 6 months (payment plans available)

Send me an email or DM if you are interested. I will have an application for you to fill out, but now, let’s just chat about it. I want to make sure each participant is a great fit for the group.

If you know this is for you, trust your intuition. That voice you have been hearing all this time? It’s got wisdom. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. It just starts with the choice to take a single step. It starts with a conversation.